This was a large scale renovation of a charming 1940's bungalow in Greensboro, NC. The homeowners wanted a larger kitchen, walk-in pantry and to relocate the laundry from the small primary bedroom closet into its own space.

I revised the floorplan, moving the kitchen from the cramped space in the center of the home to the larger den room at the back of the house. This allowed for more space and allowed us to take advantage of the views to the large backyard. We opened up the kitchen to the dining room by removing a wall and adding a lovely arched opening that mimics the original arches in the rest of the house. We also enlarged the original arched opening from the living room to the dining room to create better flow.

We added a walk-in pantry with ample shelving and a coffee bar and a laundry room where the old kitchen used to be. The kitchen is still very much its own space, but now there are sight lines from the front of the house to the back, which makes the whole house feel much bigger and brighter. It is now perfect for entertaining, which my clients love to do! 


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Kitchen Relocation

The kitchen was originally a small room in the center of the home. We moved it to the larger den space to create a large eat-in kitchen and make room for more counterspace and larger appliances.

Kitchen Relocation

We used the existing window openings but brought the windows up to counter height to make room for a run of perimeter cabinets, the range and the refrigerator along the back wall.


The walk-in pantry with pocket door has a coffee bar and ample shelving. It is where the original kitchen used to be.


The kitchen was relocated to the back den and the wall was opened up to the dining room to create the new kitchen entrance.


The arched opening between the living room and dining room was widened to allow more light from the back of the house to filter through to the front. I also helped style my client's existing furniture, adding a few vintage pieces here and there.



I sourced these amazing pendant lights from a historical Greensboro building, and the vintage corner shelf to display my client's cookbooks.

Open Shelving

Instead of upper cabinets, we opted for open shelving to allow our client to display their dishes, some of which I helped source! There was still plenty of storage with the pantry cabinets and shelving.


I sourced this large vintage 1970's mirror to reflect light in their dining room and make the space feel bigger.

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